Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Gina Manlove

Donna Wilson, RN
Vice President

Linden Goehring

Raul Camarillo, Jr.

Jason Escobedo
Board Member

M. Vanessa Ayala Medina
Board Member

Sara Cavazos-Chatsko
Board Member

Michelle Cantu-Wilson
Board Member
Maria Morales
Board Member

Apply to become a board member

Submit an application to the board

  • The board will ask a candidate to fill out the standard application form. A background check will be done at this time. References will also be checked.

Participate in the introduction process

  1. Applicant will attend a meeting
  2. Applicant will tour the facility with an executive board member
  3. Applicant will interview with the personnel committee

Be presented to the full board for a vote

  • Applicants will be asked interview questions before they are presented to the full board for a vote.
  • Applicant will be presented for board membership with the presenting member articulating why this person would make a good addition to the board.

Sign a contract and complete board training

  • Once a majority vote accepts a new member they will sign a contract. The contract shall outline the responsibilities, attendance requirements, and board training requirements that the candidate is expected to complete.
  • Board training should be scheduled as soon as possible and the applicant shall attend board training planned by the board at regular board meetings.